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Analyses of the Orban regime


The study is written in Hungarian language with English (Italian) table of contents, with many texts, figures, pictures in English (Italian, Latin). The study is free of charge and can be distributed freely.

Since the interpretation of the so-called mafia state Orban regime, remained rational on the ground until now, the interpretations could not find the cause of the regime’s emergence and functioning. However, if we cannot find the reasons, we cannot defend ourselves against the regime. It is difficult to interpret the regime because we think with sane mind, in political terms, so the interpretations so far ignored the possibility that the regime might not be insane.

The Orban regime has its own conceptual system, which is called orbanism. The orbanism claims that its spiritual leader is Viktor Orban. A political party does not have a spiritual leader, but a sect has. Viktor Orban seems to be a sectarian leader rather than a politician and he does not have voters, but so-called ’believers’. Many people have seen that orbanism is actually a religion. Consequently, the Orban regime should be described by the concept of religion science; we should step out from the world of rationality, to the world of irrationality. The Orban regime uses Christian-looking words, refers to the Christianity, and looking superficially as if it were Christian. Politically speaking: as if it were Christian Democrat. It is enough to look at a Soros poster that we know immediately: orbanism can not be Christian. It is also conceptually to exclude that an ’ism’ being marked by the name of a human being, would be Christian. It means, it is a Christian-seeming religion. Many people perceived that Viktor Orban was not only a sect leader, but God, a human god for his believers. In parallel with Christianity, there is a religion which camouflages itself as a Chrisian religion- a more accurately false religion- in which a living man is really God. (⇒⇒ Dishonor of the Pope with hate of Catholics)

This false relegion is the Christian heretical hermetic Gnosticism, which is ab ovo lie. Because of the persecutions, it was always built on camouflage, deception and lies, therefore the lie became its vital element. Viktor Orban takes away the public wealth and EU subsidies not ’just’ for the sake of greed, he donates much of it to the new ruling class, the Gnostic elite and its supporters. He, himself and his believers does not consider this ’taking away the public property’ as a theft, because in their view, the whole country is the personal property of the godking who has reached the gnosis. The Gnostic elite is beyond the concept of morality, ethic and empathy. They do not understand what sin means, what hurts their fellow man, why not to steal, lie, deceive others, etc. His divinised gnostic state of mind is said as perdition by Christianity, and occult insanity by medical science. The end result of the gnostic transformation into god is the total madness, the transformed gnostic man’s words and actions are beyond the limits of normality. Since not just Viktor Orban belongs to the Gnostic elite, the symptoms of the Gnostic religious insanity are manifested by other people too, and even the Hungarian Parliament has become the stage for the Gnostic Madness. The essence of orbanism is constant struggle, hatred and division into good and bad. The regime is not just a mafia state, but also a state of hatred: a state based on hatred. There is only one of the trends of Gnosticism, which is specifically a state of hatred: the Manicheism. This is in our case mixed with orbánism, so this religion is called fidesz-gnosis. It is important to see that it is not political Gnosticism, but a true religion. If we know this religion, we can outline almost all the secrets of the regime, and outline the future plan for the fidesz-gnosis.

We know that what we are saying seems absurd in the XXI. century, in the middle of Europe. As proof, several texts from the prominants of the Orban regime are quoted in the analyses. These texts contains hardly controversially the teachings of Christian heretics with hermetic gnosticism. It is also hardly arguable that these show the signs of gnostic religious insanity (⇒⇒Review of the mental asylum).

The great extention of the analysis is the result especially of the collection of the verbal communication of the governmental texts and the original Gnostic texts which are identical with the formal texts. The study is not only for the opposition of the Orban regime, but also for the so-called ’believers’ of Viktor Orban: with the unencrypted purpose of helping them out of the misdirection they were diverted to. But our efforts alone are not sufficient. Gnosticism has already infiltrated the relatively more significant layer of the Hungarian society, which has been integrated into almost every area of life. Maximum the government can be dismissed, but the fidesz-gnosis is not, and if the regime remains as a background backup, the whole story will restart sooner or later. Hungary needs help because it will not be solved by itself. We are afraid that if the process can not be stopped, Hungary will be lost not only for Christianity, but also for Europe and for the cultural world as well. Only publicity can help Hungary, please help. SHARE

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We are Hungarian NGOs ⇒⇒ Impressum. We have never used either old National Civil Fund or new fashion, orbanian National Cooperation Fund support, 1% tax offer or any other state aid; we have never received and not even asked anything from the government. We are not supported by George Soros, nor have we ever had any foreign or domestic supporter. However, our money is almost gone. But we persevere. Please support us.

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Review of the mental asylum


See also (in Hungarian): https://fideszgnosis.wordpress.com/tebolydai-szemle/

Government propaganda: 888.hu = Best of Viktor (“Habony-media”)

The media owner:
Árpád Habony (and Tibor Győri)
The editorial:
888. hu = Best of Viktor
The  editor-in-chief:
 Gábor G. Fodor
760x0 (4)

and Viktor Orbán

Photo: atv.hu, 21 April 2015

and Viktor Orbán

Photo: 888.hu, 7 April 2018

 and Viktor Orbán

Photo: 888.hu, 7 April 2018


Propaganda images: 888.hu / Best of Viktor

Viktor Orbán said:

“Look, it is a philosophical question that people how view the elections. I find the elections misterious. There is a mystery that many millions of people, who have a tought about the same thing, go and vote. At the same time, it is Biblical too. People shout Barabas, Jesus, it has a special mystery how a common will is created from millions of individual wills.” (Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Hungarian parliamentary election, 8 April 2018)

The Campaign Movie – Hungarian parliamentary election (8 April 2018)

This is not parody this is a real campaign movie of FIDESZ!

Title:Magasba a zászlókat!”” (=Die Fahne hoch” = “The flag on high!” – Horst-Wessel-Lied) comp! ⇒⇒ Nazism, a Gnostic-Manichean Sect)

Tébolydai szemle / Review of the mental asylum

See also: https://888.hu/888/best-of-viktor-magasba-a-zaszlokat-fel-gyozelemre-4139852/

Orban Viktor’s ceremonial speeh – Natoinal holiday (15 March 2018)

“Magyarok! Magasba a zászlókat! Menjetek és harcoljatok! Éljen a magyar szabadság, éljen a haza! Fel, győzelemre! Hajrá, Magyarország, hajrá, magyarok!”

“Hungarians! The flags on high! Advance to battle! Long live Hungarian freedom, long live the homeland! Forward to victory! Go for it Hungary, go for it Hungarians!”

(Orbán Viktor’s ceremonial speech on the 170th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 184815 March 2018, Budapest)

The campaign of FIDESZ – Hungarian parliamentary election (8 April 2018)

Slogan: “Magasba a zászlókat!” = “Die Fahne hoch!” – Horst Wessel Lied (Facebook/Fidesz):


The gnostic-manipulationist sects, the “prosperity gospel” and the Government of Hungary

⇒⇒The sects:

Chris Oyakhilome (Nigeria) and the Hungarian Government

Chris Oyakhilome & son of Prime Minister

Benny Hinn (United States) and the Hungarian Government

Benny Hinn & Deputy Prime Minister

Sándor Németh (Faith Church Hungary) and the Hungarian Government

Sándor Németh & Deputy Prime Minister


The “prosperity gospel” = heretic gnosticism = false Christian Sects

The prosperity gospel has spread not only in the United States where it was born, but also in Africa, especially Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

See also (e.g.):




Chris Oyakhilome & Benny Hinn

“Pastors Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn are excited to present the new Christian television channel” (https://leadership.ng/2018/03/01/new-tv-channel-verizon-excites-pastor-chris-oyakilome/)

Benny Hinn & Sándor Németh (Hit Gyülekezete=Faith Church Hungary)

The Catholic Church:

IT⇒ https://www.laciviltacattolica.it/articolo/teologia-della-prosperita-il-pericolo-di-un-vangelo-diverso/

ENG ⇒ https://laciviltacattolica.com/the-prosperity-gospel-dangerous-and-different/




Chris Oyakhilome

One of Africa’s most prominent advocates of the prosperity gospel is the Nigerian charismatic-gnostic “pastor” Chris Oyakhilome.

Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome & Gáspár Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s son

Gáspár Orbán, the quasi Politically Exposed Person:

Gáspár Orbán, the Muslim man (2013-2019), the Holly Pastor (2016-2019), the Professional soldier (2019-)

Viktor Orbán’s son Gáspár Orbán a founder-leader of the “Felház” religious community.

Gáspár Orbán is known to speak in tongue as well (= Glossolalia). Son of Viktor Orbán said:

“Nekem a nyelveken szólás végtelen egység Istennel. Egy ima, egy beszélgetés Istennel, ahol a bennem lakozó Szent Szellem feltör, és ilyen formában fejeződik ki.” (24.hu, 6 November 2017)

“For me, speaking in tongue represents the ultimate unity with God. It is a prayer, a discussion with God during which time the Holy Spirit which lives in me breaks through and expresses itself in this manner.” (Translation: Christopher Adam)

See also (e.g.):

Photos (SE): https://www.dagen.se/nyheter/orban-ser-sin-politik-som-kristen-kamp-1.1135328?paywall=true




Le Monde: PM Orbán’s son to evangelise 18-30-year-old intellectuals?

Prelude – 1 August 2015

Gáspár Obán is in Oyakhilome’s Healing School:

See also (e.g.):



Start – 21 April 2016

Invitation (Original: YouTube/Felház – https://youtu.be/dITdXtifu2s)
Gáspár Orbán, Felház, 21 April 2016 (Original: YouTube/BorsOnline – https://youtu.be/6eCxlK68KQ0)

Gáspár Orbán’s “Felház” is in Oyakhilome’s Media:

“The International Easter Youth Camp was an opportunity for young people around the world to be inspired and blessed through the ministration of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Many young people from different parts of the continent look forward, with joy, to this life-changing event.
Youths from Hungary were not left out; they came to the camp with so much expectation, and their expectations were not cut short. The man of God, Pastor Chris, called them out and prophesied into their lives saying: “Hungary is waiting for you; young people from Hungary are waiting for you. God has given them into your hands, including young people in the neighbouring country.” These youth received the Word of God with meekness, certain that the nation of Hungary and Europe have been given unto them. They got back to their nation with a strong desire to make a difference.
During one of their prayer meetings, they received a word of prophecy that they were going to have 2500 young people at their next meeting, so they would have to use a stadium which can seat 2500 people.
The programme which held on Thursday, 21st of April 2016, had well over 3000 youth in the auditorium with an overflow of 200 youth who could not get into the main venue. At the conference, there were so many manifestations of the power of God as the youth spent the time to pray and worship the Lord. Many were healed, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.
In accordance with the scriptures just as every Christian has been given the authority to decree a thing and see it come to pass, in like manner, Rev Chris Oyakhilome gave a word of prophecy and the result was not far fetched. The meeting was power packed and soon Hungary will never be the same again as the country will receive a special impartation as the Holy Spirit takes over.”

See also (e.g.):




ISSUU: https://issuu.com/chris-oyakhilome/docs/rev_chris_oyakhilome_blesses_youths

Gáspár Orbán’s “Felház” and Joel Osteen

See also (FR): Le Monde, 1 April 2019 / https://www.lemonde.fr/m-le-mag/article/2019/04/01/le-fils-de-viktor-orban-precheur-evangelique-en-son-pays_5444088_4500055.html?xtmc=hongrie&xtcr=6


Benny Hinn

“If you love God’s word, the Bible, would you ever want to lie to people about what it really says? One of the most hateful and abusive things happening in the church-world today is when a person opens the Bible and uses it as a tool for deception. This is blasphemy. This is what prosperity preachers do.” (Costi Hinn, nephew of Benny Hinn)

“The most outrageous charlatans of our time, a man who claims to have healed countless people. His name is Benny Hinn. /…/ Hinn’s crusades are carefully constructed to lead and manipulate those in attendance, with singing and repetitive music that build a particular atmosphere and sense of anticipation.  /…/ In this way he has manipulated countless people to give money to his cause, believing that giving money will be key to activating their miracle. Not a single one of Hinn’s miracles has ever been verified, though many have been proven to be temporary or false. /…/ In the final analysis, Benny Hinn is a dangerous deceiver, a fraud and charlatan who enriches himself at the expense of countless others.” (https://www.challies.com/articles/the-false-teachers-benny-hinn/)

Protestants and Catholics alike revere this man at dangerous proportions bordering on and sometimes including worship of his anointing shows the widespread deception among the undiscerning.

See also (e.g.): https://www.moriel.org/component/k2/item/645-benny-hinn-banned-from-bombay.html

Hungarian Catholic Church, 1999:

Die Karismatischen Erneuerung ruft zur Distanzierung auf Budapest: Der amerikanische Prediger, Benny Hinn und seine Mitarbeiter organisierten eine grosse Veranstaltung in Budapest. Die katholischen Bischöfen ( wie Kardinal László Paskai, und Bischof Endre Gyulay) distanzierten sich von dieser Veranstaltung. Die Karismatische Erneuerung hat sich Kardinal Paskais Warnung angeschlossen und distanzierte sich von Benny Hinns “Wunderzug”. Die Fehllehren können Katholiken gefährlich irreführen.” (HCC – D)

Karizmatikus állásfoglalás Benny Hinn ‘csodahadjáratával’ kapcsolatban A Magyar Katolikus Karizmatikus Megújulás Országos Tanácsa 1999 június 5-én a következő nyilatkozatot fogadta el: Csatlakozunk a Paskai László bíboros főpásztor figyelmeztetéséhez (ld. Egyházmegyei Körlevél) Benny Hinn szolgálatával kapcsolatbanSajnos a tapasztalat szerint a szolgálatát szervező Jim Sanders II. János Pál pápára való hivatkozása megtévesztheti a katolikusokat. A jelek keresése, “a csodahadjárat” a tanításbeli egység nélkül tévútra vezethet, eltávolíthat katolikus egyházunktól. Ezért kérjük a katolikus karizmatikus megújulásban résztvevőket, maradjanak távol Benny Hinn szolgálatától. A Szentlélek gyógyító megtapasztalására vágyók készüljenek imával az október 10-i országos találkozóra, ahol E. Tardiff atya szolgál. (Könyvei az Új Ember könyvesboltban kaphatók). A Magyar Katolikus Karizmatikus Megújulás Országos Tanácsa nevében Sztrilich Ágnes SSS. MK” (HCC – HU)


Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn & Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary

“Pastor Benny Hinn has met with Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén during his visit in Hungary. At the meeting also participated his host, Rev. Sandor Nemeth, Senior Pastor of Faith Church Hungary. They have discussed the persecution of the Christians living in the Middle-East and the efforts to help them.” (Facebook / Sandor Nemeth)

⇒(HU) http://www.hetek.hu/hit_es_ertekek/201905/istentol_erintett_tomegek


Sándor Németh, Hit Gyülekezete/Faith Church Hungary

The Faith Church Hungary (Hit Gyülekezete) is the quasi church of FIDESZ-KDNP Government.

Sándor Németh, Faith Church Hungary

The Faith Church Hungary (“Hit Gyülekezete”) is cooperating with the government in return for his sect’s “recognized” status.

See also:


Sándor Németh & Semjén Zsolt, Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary

See also (e.g.):



See also: https://www.facebook.com/nemethsandorofficial/photos/a.278065892241047/2384585724922376/?type=3&theater


The State of hate and the Demon-media (e.g.)

The Manichaeism

Religion, political Manichaeism and a cult of the apocalypse

See also: The Catholic Church (e.g.) ⇒⇒ https://www.laciviltacattolica.it/articolo/evangelical-fundamentalism-and-catholic-integralism-in-the-usa-a-surprising-ecumenism/

“Over more recent years this current of thought has been fed by the stigmatization of enemies who are often ‘demonized‘.”

Hate movies – Tv, videos (e.g.):

TEXT: “Europe 2017: Is this what you want?” (Facebook/Origo)
The video is a Fake News. The footage was recorded not in Europe but in Omaha (Nebraska), in 2015; the attackers were not Muslim immigrants but local gang members, and the soundtrack is entirely fake. (⇒⇒ https://youtu.be/A-1VT3Ql2kg / 0:50)
TEXT: “Don’t let Soros laugh in the end!” (TV campaign)
TEXT: “Let’s stop Brussels!” (TV campaign)
MEP Guy Verhofstadt (ENG)
Original: Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for International Communication and Relations, International Spokesperson of the Government – (Facebbok/Kovács Zoltán)
MEP Guy Verhofstadt, George Soros, MEP Judith Sargentini (Facebook/Magyarország Kormánya)

Hate posters (e.g.):

“More”… (e.g.):

The Hate (e.g.):

Orban’s Fans ⇐⇒ Migrants

Orban’s Fans ⇐⇒ Hungarians

Original: YouTube/HVG – https://youtu.be/XHDFwo7JyYk

Orban’s Henchmen ⇐⇒ Members of Hungarian Parliament

See also (e.g.):









Comp! (e.g.)

Following a vote, the European People’s Party (EPP) membership of Hungarian party Fidesz has been suspended with immediate effect (190 in favour, 3 against) after a decision by the EPP Political (⇒ ⇒ https://www.epp.eu/press-releases/fidesz-membership-suspended-after-epp-political-assembly/)

Everything to know about the newest government campaign with Soros and Juncker


Dishonor of the Pope with hate of Catholics

The hate campaign of the Government’s Daemon-Media (e.g.):





Pseudo-Catholic newspapers, Fake news websites (e.g.):





Zsolt Bayer, the “journal-minister” of the demon media (e.g.)

Zsolt Bayer is:

  1. prominent publicist of FIDESZ
  2. a co-founder of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party
  3. a long-time personal friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
  4. a long-time personal friend of Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén

1 August 2016

Zsolt Bayer (Bádog, 1 August 2016):

“…a pápa vagy egy demens vénember, aki teljességgel alkalmatlan a pápai poszt betöltésére, vagy egy gazember. Most hirtelen nem jut eszembe harmadik lehetőség.”

“Pope Francis is either a demented old fool who is totally unsuitable to be the pope or simply a scoundrel. Momentarily, I can’t think of a third possibility.”

20 August 2016 – National Day

Zsolt Bayer receiving the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit on the occasion of Hungary’s national day, August 20 (St Stephen’s day) – “as a recognition of his exemplary journalistic work. (Magyar Közlöny, 122/2016, p.12556-12557 = Hungarian Journal, Official Gazette)

At the same time – 28 August 2016:
See also: The Government of Hungary: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at an audience with Pope Francis (???)

Comments of Viktor Orbán’s Facebook fans (e.g.):

“On the photo, we see one of the most Christian Europeans, who is defending Europe from the Muslims. And next to him is Pope Francis.”

“This pope is the new Judas,”  “On the photo, we see one of the most Christian Europeans, who is defending Europe from the Muslims. And next to him is Pope Francis.”

“If I had a horn, I would hit the old idiot in the head.” 

“We need to be careful with this guy who is currently in the status of Pope. He was lifted to this position by Papa Soros and his network.” 

“In today’s world, fuck the teachings of Jesus.”

See also: http://hungarianfreepress.com/2016/08/29/viktor-orban-visits-pope-francis-and-fidesz-supporters-attack-the-pontiff-and-george-soros/

Minister of Human Resources and Calvinist pastor Zoltán Balog said:

“Bayer Zsolt evangélikus. Olvassák el, miket mondott Luther Márton a pápáról. Azokhoz képest ezek nagyon szelíd megfogalmazások.”

“Zsolt Bayer is a Lutheran. Go ahead and read what Martin Luther wrote of the Pope. Compared writing, Bayer’s statements are worded quite tamely.”  (Index, 10 October 2016)

Zoltán Balog
Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources and Calvinist pastor (Photo: Huszti István / Index)

See also (e.g.):



Deputy Prime Minister and KDNP Chairman, “Chatolic” Zsolt Semjén said:

Hungarian National Assembly, 5 December 2016 (193/7678808283)

Original: KDNP/official (https://kdnp.hu/semjen-zsolt-en-bayer-zsoltot-sosem-fogom-megtagadni)

MP Tamás Harangozó (⇒ 2:29 – 2:46):

“És kérdezem önt, mert nemcsak a kormány miniszterelnök-helyettese, hanem a Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt elnöke is: ön a Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt elnökeként felterjeszt egy olyan embert, aki nyilvánosan a katolikus pápáról ilyeneket ír?

“I ask you because not only are you the Deputy Prime Minister but chairman of the Christian Democrats (KDNP) as well. You, as the chairman of the Christian Democrats, would nominate a person who has written such things about the Pope?”

Vice PM Zsolt Semjén, chairman of Christian Democratic People’s Party: (⇒ 3:40 – 4:10):

“Személyes vonatkozásban pedig: gyerekkorában Bayer Zsolt mellettem ült az iskolapadban. Mellettem fog állni a halálos ágyamon is. Én Bayer Zsoltot sosem fogom megtagadni. Önöknek, a Szocialista Pártnak csak azt kívánom, hogy legyen legalább néhány olyan ember, olyan publicista az önök holdudvarában, aki magyarságban és tehetségben megközelíti Bayer Zsoltot.”

And personally, Zsolt Bayer sat next to me in school when he was a kid. And he will stand next to me when I am on my death bed. I will never deny Zsolt Bayer.  And for you, the Socialist Party, I can only wish for you to have at least a few such people, a few publicists in your hinterland, who could even come close to the Hungarian-ness and talent of Zsolt Bayer.”

See also: https://budapestbeacon.com/zsolt-bayer-kdnp-chairman-zsolt-semjen-thank-knights-cross/

Last month

The Government of Hungary, 9 November 2016Zsolt Semjén in Vatican

which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Matt 7,15)


12 July 2017

 ‘The Pope is an imbecile’ — Zsolt Bayer said:

Miskolc TV “Helyzetkép” – 12 July 2017 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm08Jwd-VWs / https://arhiv.minap.hu/video/helyzetkep-20170712 / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSxGhHtVQ7E)

.. miről beszélünk? Arról beszélünk, hogy pápa ‘őszentsége’, mint egy ilyen derék, liberális, genderben hívő marha, ugye, beírja a twitterére, hogy a … a menekültek a mi nővéreink, meg húgaink, meg öcsikéink, akik menekülnek a nem ‘tom mi elől…

… what are we talking about? Are we talking about that “his holiness”, the Pope such a waist, liberal, gender-believing imbecile* (marha“=”cattle*), types into his twitter that… the refugees are our older sisters, and our younger sisters, and our brothers who escape from who knows what…


* “marha” = “cattle“: In hungarian slang “marha” is a very rude phrase approx.: dunderhead, stupid, weak-mined, imbecile, silly person.


(A pápa) “… de ne képzelje azt, hogy amit ő mond, az egy isteni kinyilatkoztatás ebben az ügyben. Egy hülye, ostoba politikai vélemény…”

(The pope) “… do not imagine that what the pope says is divine revelation. It is only stupid, moronic political opinion…” 

“Szóval… egyre inkább az a meggyőződésem, hogy Ferenc pápa nem véletlenül lett pápa: néhány évvel ezelőtt. Egyre inkább az a meggyőződésem, hogy nem véletlen az, hogy egy nem európai ember lett a pápa. Most, amikor talán leginkább egy európai emberre lenne szükség. Amióta pápaság van, soha nem volt Európán kívüli pápa. Most, amikor leginkább európai pápára lenne szükség – láss csodát –, sikerült hozni Argentínából egy migráns hátterű pápát, akinek az égegyadta világon semmilyen európai kötődése nincsen. Lehet, hogy sokan ezt konteónak és összeesküvés elméletnek fogják gondolni – meggyőződésem, hogy nincsenek véletlenek. Ez sem véletlen!

“I increasingly believe that Pope Francis did not become pope by accident. I am increasingly convinced that it is no accident that a non-European man became the pope. And all this right now, when of all times, we would need a European man. Ever since there has been the papacy, we have never had a pope from outside of Europe. Right now, when would really need a European pope, lo and behold: a pope was brought in from Argentina with a migrant background, who has absolutely no connection to Europe. Maybe many will see this as a conspiracy theory, but I am convinced that there are not accidents. That is not accident too!” (Translation: Christopher Adam)

ATV, 25 July 2017 (Original: https://youtu.be/yYAs1qff1Yc)

See also (e.g.):

Zsolt Bayer (HU):




Demon-media (HU):



Hungarian Catholic Church (Magyar Kurír, 18 July 2017 – HU): https://www.magyarkurir.hu/hirek/megvedeni-ferenc-papat


Zsolt Bayer, recently, e.g. (HU):

https://badog.blogstar.hu/2019/05/29/ket-iras/73652/ ⇒ in Hungarian (paronomasia): pápa = cápa — in English: pope = shark; „Apage Satanas!” (comp!  Pope Francis in Transylvania: https://www.iec2020.hu/hu/node/578 – ENG)

https://badog.blogstar.hu/2019/08/01/az-antikrisztus-eljovetele-/81959/ ⇒ Pope Francis = Antichrist


Gnosticism — The Gnostic Madness

Universis orbis Christiani…

Please pray for the Hungarians, please help Hungary.

Save Our Souls


Please pray for the Hungarians.

Please help Hungary.

Greetings, Boglarka Szigeti

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